Saturday, March 31, 2012

And so begins the countdown..

3.5 days. That's it... I cannot believe it. This pregnancy has gone by SO FAST. Like triple the speed of my first. I'm sort of hoping this isn't a glimpse into how fast life will go by with 2 babies. BUT I will embrace every moment.

Tonight hubby and I are having 1 last DATE NIGHT before baby is born. I'm so excited! We are going out to eat at Red Lobster (which is very special to me b/c hubby hates seafood) and then going to see The Lorax in 3-D. :) Yes, we are that awesome. We will be out LATE for us, so I'm fully expecting to take a nap tomorrow afternoon, if Liza doesn't fall asleep during church, that is. I've decided to embrace these last few days with my "Family of 3" with Love and JOY! I already have butterflies in my tummy, thinking about Wednesday, but I have 3 full days with Eliza. I will take full advantage of that. Her world is about to be rocked... SO we will have lots of MOMMY and LIZA time. Now that I think of it.. I hope that doesn't make it worse.... :/

So Eliza will be staying with Grandma tonight and I will pick her up tomorrow morning for church, where all the cute toddlers and babies get to carry palm branches down the aisle in honor of Palm Sunday. :) She will be adorable, as usual.

On another note, her birthday party was last Sunday, even though her actual birthday isn't for a few more weeks. We wanted to celebrate before the new baby came and it could be all about Eliza. SO, my next post will include a lot of info about NEW BABY and the c-section. Stay tuned!!! :) I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

Seeing her cake for the first time. Dora!!

I love this. She got all bashful when everyone started

She loved the pinata! 

And bubbles. We had to have bubbles!! :) 

Happy Saturday! 

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Chelsea Leigh said...

YAYYYYYY!!! I love this! All of it! I AM SO EXCITED. I miss Eliza already! :( But I am just so ready for this next stage in life for you! MAMA to 2!!! :) Love you, Meg! So proud of you!!