Monday, November 23, 2009

Today I'm thankful for my Freedom. Freedom to worship, to own my own home, to marry whomever I choose and to keep my precious baby.
Freedom to Serve the God I choose to serve. Freedom to pick my own friends. Freedom to choose.
I'm so thankful for everything this country offers me. I'm happy God chose to put me here in this town, with these people, to meet my husband, and raise a family. God is so amazing.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Claiming Confidence

It's funny how life can change in an instant. Even when you are hoping you will hear the answer you want to hear, and you do! God is so faithful. All of my life, all I have ever wanted was to be a mother and a wife. To stay at home, do all the "home-maker" things.. somehow God has led me in a different direction for the time being. I sometimes think that I have it all figured out, and I can just go ahead and quit my job any time now, but God is reminding me that maybe He's not through with me yet at my job. I believe I was called there for a reason. Wether it was to meet
the man of my dreams :) or bring someone else to Christ. I would SO love to quit, but I keep thinking of one person that maybe God wants me to try harder to witness to them.

All the worship songs I love to listen to say things like, "With Everything" , and I just sing it out, get all emotional, but am I really living it? I know God is calling me to something Greater than I already am. That's just a given in my mind. He always wants more. But why is it so hard?

God is preparing me for Motherhood. I want to be a Rock, a safe place, an example
in my child's life. Surrender is a key thought in my mind right now. God can't use me if I won't let Him. I want my baby to see God first in my life. No hang-ups. No insecurities. My husband is so wonderful in talking with me about this. He always tells me that however I am, that is what the baby will see, and probably eventually be like. I want to be Confident, Loving and Caring. NO hang-ups! NO insecurities!

It's funny how life can change in an instant. God is preparing me. I'm ready.