Friday, February 17, 2012

The "I" Word

Some things we can't control. Things like.... childbirth. I guess there are certain things we can be in charge of, but when it comes down to it.. sometimes baby gets stuck. Yes. This happened to me.

My #1 baby girl had issues "coming out" (mind you, I STILL did it au'natural!!!!! ) and there is nothing you can do. So what happens when you're preggo with baby girl #2?? You are higher risk.

I've been aware of this ever since I birthed #1 but the closer it gets, the more it is becoming real. At my 32 week appointment yesterday, we briefly talked induction. I was with one of the midwives, with whom I will NOT birth :(. SO, at my next appointment with our OB we will talk more in depth about it.

Its crazy to think of this "I" word. I never thought it would "happen to me". Ya know? I took the classes. I've researched. I WILL do it natural.. I didn't really think that it would come to that. AND it may NOT! But, I'm accepting it. There are things we will start a little earlier than last time.. Primrose oil, raspberry leaf tea, walking.. and so on.

So, I'm here to say, that I know God is in control and the birth will be perfect. No matter what happens. After all, it's ONLY a 25% chance that it will happen again. :)

Prayers welcome!!!!

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Charris said...

You said it right, "God is in contol" We don't have to worry when he is in control. Relax and give it over to him. I will be praying for you and baby.

Im Charris btw