Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Comparison- 31 week belly shot

Ok, so, for those of you that randomly stumble upon my blog, and don't know much about me, let me recap. :) I am pregnant with our second baby girl, EXACTLY 2 years after our first one. Yes. Exactly. I bet you I got pregnant just DAYS from when I got pregnant with Eliza. I am due 6 DAYS before her birthday.. and honestly.. they have moved it up a couple days based on the ultrasound. My original due date was 3 days before her birthday.

Anyway, I'm a very organized, detailed and precise person. For a long time everything about myself seemed so "ordinary". Nothing really to stand out... nothing really very noticeable about me or the way I was. I have friends that are SOOO talented and beautiful, that I was never jealous... just satisfied to be noticed second, or by the way. (This is not a pity party)

When I first met my hubby, he began to make me believe in things about myself that I never wanted to believe. AND really his family did too. It's not that my family didn't make me believe in myself, I just saw it in a different light. There are many times, when I wear makeup to feel pretty, that he doesn't even notice that I'm wearing it, "b/c I'm beautiful no matter if I wear it or not." He has NEVER said that he thought I was too "Curvy" (yes, I mean fat), b/c I've never really been "skinny" either, according to the world's view of skinny, which is VERY skinny. I think you know what I mean. We have it shoved in our faces every day with magazines and tv, it's ridiculous. How can we have a healthy body image when the world tells you YOU are too fat??? He always tells me he hates that "skinny" that I never was anyway.

Now, getting onto my main point. When I was pregnant with our first baby girl, I gained A LOT of weight. And lets be honest. It wasn't like I was exercising and FIT with I got pregnant with her either. I wasn't exercising at all. I gained A LOT of water weight RIGHT from the beginning. I couldn't wear my wedding right when I was just 12 weeks pregnant! I didn't even realize how bad it was until after I had her and I looked back at pictures. (Yes, I lost it all and then some with some HARD CORE P90X! That is no joke. HARD WORK!) Wow. It REALLY did look like I was carrying twins. I can't even believe the people that would give me sympathetic looks, and ALWAYS ask me when I was due. I STOPPED saying "April" b/c it was winter and that seemed A LONG way away, and then they would be in shock b/c it looked like I was ready to have the baby NOW! One time in January, I had about 12 weeks left, and a lady said to me, "You're about ready any day now, right?" And I was SO ANGRY!!!! NO!!! I have 12 more weeks!!!!!! OMG HOW RUDE!!!! (And really don't ever say anything like this to a pregnant woman..... ever.)

SO, I had Eliza, 43.5 pounds later. Now, I'm sure you feel sorry for me.. and my friends and family are, I'm sure laughing right now, but it was so ridiculous. THIS TIME, I'm over 10 pounds LIGHTER. I don't really have ANY of that water retention that I had with E, and I FEEL GREAT! There are times when I don't even FEEL pregnant (besides the aches in my pelvis/ hips and achy feet after a days work).  Seriously, I forget sometimes. I know a lot of that has to do with  being busy with a toddler. BUT I feel so good. I'm so thankful for this. I'm kind of nervous about the birth, b/c Eliza was difficult with her "shoulder dystocia".. but that is a different story! :)

SO for those of you rejoicing with me right now, and wanting proof.. here it is. 31 weeks.

The belly seems the same to me, but WOW the face DOES NOT! Like I said, I feel so much better this time. AND NO NEW STRETCH marks yet either! I'm expecting some toward the end, but you should see how many I got on my HIPS AND THIGHS with Eliza, Yes, my butt looks smaller too, let's just say it. WAY less weight gained makes me VERY happy!!!!!!!!

YAY FOR PREGNANCY!!!!! I can't wait! Only 8.5 more weeks!!!!!


Chelsea Leigh said...

YOU LOOK GREAT, Megs!!!! Seriously... You are gorgeous! Only a little while longer & we'll have another little sweetie in our arms! xoxo.

Jules said...

i agree with chels, you look really good! & don't feel bad. my mama gained 40+ with each of us 5 kids. you're not alone. ;)

Claire said...

I'm glad you found my blog!!! congratulations on your second girl coming!!! my girls are best friends already... sisters are the greatest! you look wonderful! I was the opposite... I gained only 26 pounds with pregnancy #1 and felt great, but then with baby #2 I gained 40 and felt HUGE! baby #3 is looking like it's falling somewhere in between those... when in April are you due?! I'm due the 16th :)

alignaCristina from SomekindofParadise said...

Megan you look beautiful!!! Oh boy have I been there too! With jaz I really looked like i was pregnant with twins..and I wasn't:) bless your heart sweetie you are beautiful and healthy mama and I can't wait to meet this precious baby girl!

MegsM said...

@Claire--- I'm due the 8th!! My firstborn's birthday is the 14th. :) We did good spacing them 2 years apart!! :) Hehe.

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

I love that you are blogging again - soooooo amazing and fun to follow!! Love your advice on babywise, thank you for that! :)

Beka Fox said...

ummmm. Yes I was laughing..... but b/c I know you could never look bad. so um.... yeah I am laughing. ;)

also...... skinny????? meghan beth mallory!!!!!!! Yessss. You are the perfect skinny/curvy. :)

I always have loved your arms. :)

& remember what I said about... you know what at the ball game ;)

Amanda Nash said...

OHHHHH YOu are so beautiful!!! love the photo comparision! you are SO organized!!!
cant wait to see this new baby girl and come visit you! maybe i can get pg in July and we can have had 4 babies in 4 consecutive Aprils!! Ummmm NOOOOO that was a joke! i cant handle another baby!!!!

Callie Nicole said...

You look so cute! Actually, I don't think forty pounds is that bad - they say 25-35 pounds, so that's only a little over. I've known people who have gained 80 pounds while pregnant - that would not be fun to lose afterward!

Charris said...

wow what a difference. your almost there. I'm only 20 wks along. I like the long hair. I hope I breeze by.